02 November • We Wine

• 11 Exclusive Wines • with a story.
The wines with the accompanying story are presented in a unique way by the sommelier of Wijnhuis Lochem (and creator of the Theater of Wine). That is, tasting wine in a way you've never experienced before.

• Five course dinner •
All wines are presented with matching and balanced dishes. This is not just about any dishes, but carefully and harmoniously composed dishes, made with the utmost care and sustainable products. You will certainly enjoy sensational flavor combinations presented in a unique and "Eiggenwijzze" style.

•`Between Courses • Info & demo del Baila Latino
Between courses you will be taken into the world of the Baila Latino in a special way. You get a little info and short stories about the origin and form of the various Latino dance styles, dance styles that you sometimes know and sometimes don't. Of course it is not only stories that you will hear, but there are also short demonstrations of the various dance styles. Of course we also have moments, for enthusiasts, to get acquainted with a few basic steps in a simple way.

"WIJ WIJN" is a unique and special concept that arose spontaneously when some participants of a meeting shared their passion for their profession. They also like to share the energy that was created with others.

This is how the wine tasting ++ was created: WE WINE. That is, not just eating, drinking and entertainment, but creating an experience with information, from passion and an appropriate perspective.

To make it accessible, all participants sponsored a large part of the components. As a result, we are able to offer this extensive and evening-filling package for only:

€ 25 per person (maximum 60 people)

• Brasserie Eiggenwijzz
• Wine house Lochem / theater of wine
• Cue Action Flushing
• Misalsa.nl

Cue Action, Arsenaalplein 5, 4381 BL Vlissingen
Info: Fb PoPuP Event - 06 42393589 - 06 40643224

Wij Wijn
Wij Wijn

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Wij Wijn
Wij Wijn

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