Dear MiSalsa Friends,


We have noticed that since the 'big stop' we have not yet found our way, the reasons for this are various.


At MiSalsa we have never HAD to stop since 2006, so a good start again is new to us and therefore unknown. We will use this situation positively by taking a new path. We know from experience that exploring new avenues takes time. We will also take that time.


This means that we will focus on the upcoming summer program until September; Salsa by the Sea, Latin Friday, Salsa Summer Camp, PoPuP workshops and more. In the meantime, we will work hard on our new curriculum starting in September 2022.

Our goal: a new curriculum FULL of dynamics and challenges. What those challenges are will be a big surprise to you AND to us.


One thing is clear: since 2006 we have been working on high-level vision, quality, diversity, passion and challenge(s). These elements will all again play an important role in our renewed MiSalsa teaching program for September 2022. In short: for weekly lessons you will have to wait until September 2022. We apologize for that. Until then, we hope to see everyone at one of the events of the MiSalsa's Summer Program 2022.


Everyone Always Welcome